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Butterfly Mixtures is based on the joy of being a bartender and mixologist at heart.  Over the years, we had to retire from being behind the bar, but still love the art.  We are receiving requests to bartend parties or create the drinks. It is now understood that with every invite we are making the drinks.  Always bring liquor…. <wink>

Henceforth, the creation of Butterfly Mixtures.

We feel it is important for everyone to understand how to make at least one drink.  Why not make their drink.  A drink made especially for you. We want to promote a fun and safe environment for learning and creativity.  Over the years, the one thing every bartender hears, whether at work or in everyday conversation…, “I always wanted to learn how to bartend.”  So we feel it is our civil duty to teach you how to shake, stir and pour a drink with smiles and laughter.



Michele;  has nearly 20 years of bartending experience.  If you asked my mother, she’d say my entire life because I always had to mix my drinks with something.  I guess you can say I have bar-wisdom, I learned the tricks and trade as a college student in Raleigh, North Carolina.  When I moved to Washington, DC, bartending became a social networking tool.  Over the years, friends and clients requested my bar tending skills and would ask me when was I going to start my own company.  Butterfly Mixtures was born.  And the story continues……

Archana has been bartending for 8 years. She is a personal trainer by day and a bartender by night.  We’ll simply say that is a total body work (mind, body and spirits).



Thank you for selecting us as your Mixologist.  We promise to always bring a fun event to you and your friends.




Michele and Archana


Bring a fun evening to a home near you!

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