Mixology Lesson


We come to your home or location of the event.  The host or hostess can select to have a signature drink created for them. The mixology lesson will be based around the personalized signature drink.  The lesson will continue with making variations of that drink.

  1. We will have a phone consultation to understand the host likes and dislikes.
  2. We will get an understanding of the guests.
  3. We will have a tasting to select the best fit
  4. We will come to the party

There are 3 Tiers:

Lady Party – 1 – 5 guests

Socialite Party – 6 – 10 guests

Diva Party – 15 – 20 guests

What do you get for hosting a mixology party?

  • The host receives a bar gift for hosting the party.
  • Each guests will receive a 15 oz mixing glass.
  • Of course the memories of the parties.


There will be a test….



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